Convex Textured Straw Hat Shaped Dining Plate


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This dining plate features embossed meteorite texture and creative design. The edge of the plate is easy to handle and has a sense of ceremony and decoration, making it more prominent when placing dishes.
It can be steamed or grilled, and delicious food can be easily heated. It is cooked at 1300 ℃ and high temperature and can be directly put into a microwave or oven to unlock various delicious ingredients.
The glazed surface is easy to clean, easy to clean, easy to clean with just a flush and wipe, no harm to hands, safe to use, and convenient to use.


Material: Ceramics
Craft: Underglaze Colour
Color: White
Dinner Plate Diameter: 8.58″, 10.53″
Depth: 1.76″, 2.15″

Package includes

1 x Dinner Plate

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8", 11"

Convex Textured Straw Hat Shaped Dining Plate

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