Creative White Porcelain Dining Plate


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The stone texture in tableware is not uncommon, but this series can still give you a new surprise, restoring as many natural traces as possible at the edges and decorative areas, paired with the swaying design in irregular skirts, and using bright glaze to express more details that touch the dishes, the balance between beauty and practicality is so perfect.
The rough and crazy rock texture, the porcelain texture is thick and flawless, and the smooth glaze brings a sense of sophistication, making life more brilliant when photographed.
After being glazed, the embryo with concave and convex texture undergoes high-temperature firing, resulting in white mottled particles hidden in the recesses of the texture, forming a layered aesthetic.


Material: Ceramics
Craft: Hand Shaping, High-temperature Firing
Color: White
Dinner Plate Diameter: 8″, 9.75″, 11.51″
Depth: 0.78″, 0.98″, 1.17″

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1 x Dinner Plate

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8", 10", 12"

Creative White Porcelain Dining Plate

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