Stone Patterned Ceramic Dining Plate


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This series of products adopt a stone grain glazed surface, supplemented by stone grain effects, adding a lively feeling to the originally dull utensils, giving you a different visual enjoyment!
Charming glaze color, supplemented by light and dark Tone changes, like the starry sky Deep and bright.
It has the texture and touch of the stone itself, and after special process treatment, the surface presents a natural rough and bumpy feeling without scratching hands, making it a rare and rare product on the market.


Material: Ceramics
Craft: Stone Pattern, Ceramic Glaze
Color: Brown
Dinner Plate Diameter: 5.93″, 8″, 9.87″
Depth: 0.7″, 0.9″, 0.98″

Package includes

1 x Dinner Plate

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6", 8", 10"

Stone Patterned Ceramic Dining Plate

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